Tattooing captured my attention at a young age and has been a life long fascination ever since. I began tattooing by the "hand poke" method, practiced over a period of years and in time learned to use a  tattoo machine. I have been tattooing professionally since the early 90s, operating a licensed tattoo shop within my art gallery.

 I offer custom tattoo design as well as hundreds of images from which to choose. If you can describe an image in your mind, I can design a tattoo from that idea. In addition to traditional tattooing,I also offer permanent make-up.

 Rest assured, only the safest sterilization, hygiene and single needle use  are practiced here, if you have questions... I have answers. Privacy assured.

Tattooing is by appointment ONLY.  We are open everyday ( except when closed) so please call ahead: 979-836-4935


" Nancy' s Tattoo "

Nancy and Chuck's love connection...

"Bloody Skull"

forearm tattoo

"Cowgirl with Rose"

Old school tattoo

"Family Affair"

the family that gets tattooed together...stay together, true?


Tattoo dog portrait

"Rose with Tribal"

Lower back tattoo

"Sean's Tattoo"

Sean from Ohio has a new tattoo

"Sparrow Tattoos

colorful birds,abdomen tattoos

"Three Roses Tattoo"

...backpiece rose tattoo

Angela 1


Brittany's Tattoo

Day of the Dead Tattoo

Bull Skull

Back Tattoo

Caroline's Tattoo

Fantasy Backpiece

Chase's Tattoo

Chase's Hot Rod Heaven

Claude's Tattoo

Submarine Military Insignia

Clint's Tattoo

Traditional heart with banners

Colorful Gecko

Cute Little Tummy Gecko

Cover-up (before)

Goodbye,old name

Creepy Hand

arm tattoo

Death Angel

Chest tattoo

Demo/Angel Tattoo 2

Modify old tattoo

Demon/Angel Tattoo

Modify old tattoo

Hannah's Tattoo

Dali'esque Guitar Design


Ankle tattoo

James and Rebecca

Matching tattoos

Jessica 2

Tree Tattoo

Jessica's Tattoo

Cricket Tattoo

Keri's Tattoo

Tree side piece

Kiss My Ass

Butt tattoo

Koy 1


Koy 2



gone but not forgotten

Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo

Liz tattoo

Tattoo eyes

Liz Tattoo Eyes

The eyes have it...

Megan's tattoo

Love in Motion

Memorial Tattoo

In Loving Memory...

Molley's Tattoo

Hot Rod Tribute

More Jim

ongoing tattoo in progress

Ninja Tattoo

forearm tattoo

Ryan's Tattoo

ribcage tattoo

Samantha's Tattoo

Samantha loves her flip flops

Sandy's Tattoo

Back/Side Ivy Tattoo

Sarah's tattoo

Paisley Tree Tattoo

Sarah's Tattoo 2

Paisley Tree Tattoo

Scar Tattoo

arm tattoo

Shoulder Tattoo

Butterflies and curly cues

Sparrow & Sun

Lower back tattoo

Taryn's Tattoo

musical notes

Tattoo Jim 1

Jim tattoo

Tattoo Jim 3

Jim's tattoo

Taylor Tattoo

Japanese style half sleeve

The Weeping Buddah

Mike's new tattoo

Tribal Half Sleeve

Tattoo in progress

Wings & Clouds

Chest tattoo

Wolf & Feathers 2

Husband-Wife matching tattoos

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